Premium Print Additions

Edge Paint

Subtle Enhancement

Edge paint is an ideal way to either add a fun pop of colour to your design, or to hide the white edges of your cards. This finishing is applied by rolling ink onto the outer edges of the cardstock. One of the benefits of this finishing is that we can use pantones as reference colors to match the ink as closely as possible to the color of your choice. Edge paint is also the perfect way to cover up the white edges of your card if you are printing a full bleed color onto a white stock by allowing you to have the flexibility of color matched printing your card while not having white edges.

Design Considerations

  • We do not guarantee a 100% color match but instead use pantone codes as reference
  • Edge paint may overflow onto the other surfaces of the card
  • It is recommended that the color of the edge paint be darker than the card stock to ensure that it is visible
  • Light edge paint colors are not recommended for use on dark card stock.
  • Edge paint is only available on paper stocks and therefor cannot be applied to metal, plastic or acrylic material
  • Edge paint can be combined with die cut corners