Premium Print Additions

Color Foil

One of Our Most Popular Features

Foil stamping uses a heated plate to apply metallic foil or pigment to the surface of the card. The result is a vibrant and highly saturated metallic appearance. Although this finishing cannot be colour matched, we offer a wide variety of colours including; Regular Gold, Regular Silver, Matte Gold, Matte Silver, White, Black, Red, Copper, Rose Gold, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Non-metallic green, Clear, Pearl, Hot Pink, Rose Pink, and even Rainbow. Our foil stamping is extremely elegant and each plate is created specifically for your business card design.

Design Considerations

  • Combining foil stamping with embossing may lead to the foil rubbing off more easily due to the increase in friction
  • Foil stamping multiple colors in close proximity to one another may lead to slight alignment shifts due to the unique foil stamping process.
  • Foil stamping may have slight alignment shifts when combined with offset printing
  • The minimum font size for foil stamping is 10PT
  • White foil tends to have inconsistent edges. As alternatives please consider matte silver foil or white ink.
  • Areas of fine detail may have unavoidable overflow
  • Foil stamping cannot be color matched
  • If foil stamping comes with in 0.25” of the edge of the card the design is considered full bleed and will require oversized plates.