Premium Print Additions


Plates and Pressure

This finishing can also be combined with foil, printing, or can be left “blind” for a more subtle look. Deboss is a plate stamping technique which uses heat and pressure to create an indented look to all, or specific sections of a design. This is high end technique that can be used on our uncoated paper stocks to add a bit of dimension. Deboss can be used on it’s own to create a subtle look called a blind deboss. We can also perform what is considered a registered deboss which is where we combine deboss with offset printing or foil stamping to create a more dynamic look. Deboss is not to be confused with letterpress which is a similar technique in which ink and pressure are applied at the same time. Deboss is instead a separate step that is in addition to foil stamping or offset printing. Debossing only pushes halfway through the card which means that it does not leave a complete reversed emboss on the opposite side.

Design Considerations

  • Fine details may be lost with deboss. Please contact our sales team if you have a detailed design so that we can asses it for feasibility
  • Slight pressure marks may be left on the reverse side of the card. The extent of this is dependent on the thickness, and density of the card stock as well as the surface area of the design
  • Deboss is not recommended on the following stocks: Soft suede, hard suede, premium white
  • Deboss is not available on the following stocks: Silk, all classic, metal, and acrylic stocks
  • Deboss on laminated cards such as our silk laminated stock will cause the lamination to break and peel
  • Debossing should be used on cardstocks thicker than 30pt as it may leave slight marks on the other side of the card from the pressure.