Premium Print Additions


Plates and Pressure

Embossing is a unique process that uses plates and pressure to create a raised detail on one side of a business card and a reversed detail on the other. This finishing pushes through the paper to create a finishing that is visible from 360 degrees. Embossing creates a reversed deboss of the image on the opposite side of the card. Embossing can be combined with foil stamping, ink or can be “blind” meaning that no further finishing is used on top of the emboss.

Design Considerations

  • Embossing is ideal for designs with at least 2mm buffer zones between the embossed elements. This rule is to ensure that the emboss is as clear and detailed as possible
  • Embossing will leave a complete reversed deboss on the other side of the card
  • This finishing is recommended for stocks that are 30PT or thinner
  • Emboss before gluing is possible to avoid a complete reversed deboss. However, this is not recommended since it will still leave slight markings. There is a custom fee for this feature.