Premium Print Additions

Metallic Ink

Brilliant Metallic Printing

This finishing is in available in silver and gold and is ideal for printing text or designs onto our premium cards. Metallic Ink is a form of high-end metallic printing. This finishing adds a beautiful semi-reflective sheen and is available in gold or silver. This ink can be used on any of our premium or luxury paper stocks and can be layered under foil stamping or thermography. The benefit of metallic ink is that since it is printed, and not stamped, it can accurately replicate more detail than foil stamping. Alternatively, metallic ink is not as opaque as foil stamping.

Design Considerations

  • Metallic ink may be slightly translucent. The resulting color is more opaque on our silk, and suede stocks
  • Metallic ink can create more detailed design than foil stamping
  • Metallic ink is available in Gold (Pantone® 872) and Silver (Pantone® 877)
  • Metallic ink may have slight alignment shifts if used in close proximity to foil stamping, offset printing, or other metallic ink colors
  • Metallic ink can be combined with deboss or emboss however slight alignment shifts may occur
  • We cannot colour match our metallic inks and are unable to print gradients.