Premium Print Additions

Raised Spot UV

Slick Alternative to Embossing

Also known as thermography, raised spot UV is a raised, clear, glossy finish that is applied to un-laminated stocks by using heat. This remarkable finishing is clear and therefor allows what ever color is underneath to show through. Thermography can enhance offset printing by being applied over top or it can be applied to the untreated cardstock to amplify the color. Thermography can only be used on one side of the card and cannot be applied in close proximity to foil due to the high heat used during the application process. Since thermography does not affect the other side of the card, it is a great alternative to embossing for clients who are looking to have a raised effect.

Design Considerations

  • Please allow for a substantial buffer zone between thermography and foil stamping
  • Not available on our laminated stocks
  • Not suitable for small text or detailed designs
  • The finish is clear, and slightly raised
  • Only used on one side of the card