Premium Print Additions

Spot UV

Shiny Accents

Spot UV is a glossy finish that can be added to specific details of a card for example, a logo or a company name. Although it lays flush with the surface of the card, spot UV is highly reflective and results in a luxurious glossy look. This finishing can only be applied to our Silk laminated, our 2 sided spot UV, and our regular suede stock. This finishing creates a beautiful reflective shine that can be used to accent details whether they are fine or large.

Design Considerations

  • Slight alignment shifts may occur from card to card. This means that if the spot UV is being applied over offset printing the spot UV may not be aligned up with the ink
  • Full bleed spot UV may lead to peeling
  • Only available on our laminated stocks which are our silk, two sided spot UV and regular suede cardstock
  • Spot UV cannot be used in close proximity to foil stamping. Please allow a buffer zone of at least 3mm between these two finishings
  • Since embossing and debossing are not available on our laminated stocks, and spot UV is only available on our laminated stocks, embossing and debossing cannot be used on the same card as spot UV