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Traditional Process

An age tested technique that is comparable to a printing press. Ink is pressed onto the surface of the card using a metal plate that made unique for each order. One by one the colors are pressed onto the card to create a clear, indented look that is both high-end and classic. Letterpress can only produce block colors. For gradient printing, please consider a combination of offset printing and deboss.  Letterpress is a unique and highly customized process that is an excellent addition to most designs.




Composition, or typesetting, is the stage where pieces of movable type are assembled to form the desired text. Our compositor [or typesetter], gradually builds out the text and sets each letter line by line then transfer those to a larger type gallery.

Imposition & Lock-up

Broadly, imposition or imposing is the process by which the tied assemblages of type are converted into a "form" ("forme") ready to use on the press.  

Lock-up is the final step before printing. The printer removes the cords that hold the type together, and turns the [quoins] with a key or lever to "lock" the entire complex of type, blocks, furniture, and chase (frame) into place—creating what is called a form or forme.


    The completed sheets are then taken to dry and for finishing, depending on the variety of printed matter being produced.  

    A traditional letterpress printer made a heavy impression into the stock and producing any indentation at all into the paper would have resulted in the print run being rejected. Part of the skill of operating a traditional letterpress printer was to get the machine pressures just right so that the type just kissed the paper transferring the minimum amount of ink to create the crispest print with no indentation.

    Print File Set-Up

    Setting up your print files can be very simple. However, we still advise you to please use our print templates. Using our templates will assure that the files are set up correctly. This will avoid any delays in the design/printing process.



    Files We Accept

    • We accept the following files, .psd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg.
    • If you are sending files that are .ai, .pdf, or .eps, please make sure you outline your fonts!
    • If a file is received without the fonts being outline, it will be rejected and will be asked for an updated file.
    • Files must be submitted in CMYK color format with no foreign or vendor specific color profiles embedded.
    • If you submit a file in another color format, we will convert it to CMYK and exert our best effort to match colors.
    • Color conversions may cause color shifting or files changes.
    • We do not guarantee our CMYK colors will match the colors seen on your inkjet printer, your computer monitor, another printer, or any other Color Mode you specify.
    • Files are generally kept on file for 2 years from last order. We attempt to hold on to all files. However, please keep in mind that files can be lost over the years due to many different factors (keeping track of Order Numbers will help and does expedite the process).
    • By submitting your order for print, you agree that any and all files, artwork, creations, designs, ideas and concepts created physically or digitally may be used for marketing purposes such as video, photography, advertising and any other medium that Your VIP Image sees fit.


    • Resolution should be set to 300 DPI and the color mode must be set at CMYK. 3.625" x 2.125" (With full bleed).


    • All artwork sent to us for print requires a bleed line either 1/8 or 1/4.
    • Typically for business cards, we require 1/8 inch (0.125) bleed on all sides.

    Spot UV

    • When ordering Spot UV business cards, a Spot UV mask for the business card is required.
    • Please note that the Spot UV masks CANNOT contain any gradients, drop shadows, or low resolution graphics.
    • All mask files must be a separate file from your main print files.
    • These Spot UV masks must be on a WHITE background and the Spot UV selection must be filled with 100% K (black).
    • Spot UV can shift up to 1/16″ during production.
    • We advise that you DO NOT use Spot UV for small, thin text because of a possible shift.
    • Spot UV is a transparent UV Coating that is applied to the top layer of the business card.

    Embossing & Debossing

    • Just like the other mask files, the embossing mask is set up the same exact way.
    • The only difference is, there will be a recession on the rear side if you’re embossing on a 16pt card stock.
    • To avoid the recession caused by the embossing on the rear side, we advise that you chose the 32pt or 48pt card stock.
    • We DO NOT recommend that you do a blind embossing on dark colors while using silk lamination as cracking/peeling is noticeable.
    • Designing an embossed business card, designers sometimes naturally forget that the back side is recessed (pressed in, from the embossing effect). With that said, that can really throw off your design right off the bat. It’s important that you’re aware of the recession caused by the embossing which only applies to 16pt card stocks.
    • Any orders which required design assistance will be refunded 50% of the total amount charged for the order.
    • Emboss masks must be on a WHITE background and the Emboss selection must be filled with 100% K (black).
    • Embossing can shift up to 1/16″ during production.
    • We advise that you DO NOT use Embossing for small, thin text because of a possible shift.
    • You can also emboss foils as well as Spot UV, but not Raised Spot UV.

    Color Foil

    • A Color Foil mask for the business card is required.
    • Color foil is a Metallic Coating that is applied to the top layer of the business card.
    • Please note that the Color Foil masks CANNOT contain any gradients, drop shadows, or low resolution graphics.
    • All mask files must be a separate file from your main print files.
    • Color Foil masks must be on a WHITE background and the Color Foil selection must be filled with 100% K (black).
    • Color Foil can shift up to 1/16″ during production.
    • We advise that you DO NOT use Color Foil for small, thin text because of a possible shift.


    • Intricate shapes will NOT show correctly using the Laser Die-Cut option.
    • If you’re unsure if your die-cut is too intricate, please feel free to email us: hello@yourvipimage.com
    • Please do not send in files with the cut already applied to the design.
    • Files must be submitted in a rectangle shape as the die-cut mask will show the actual cut.
    • When setting up your die-cut mask file, please make sure you have this die-cut on a white background and the die-line is colored RED.
    • This will help production easily determine the shape of the business card.
    • Just like any of the other print options offered, die-cutting has a shift tolerance up to 1/16″.
    • Giving your card some ‘breathing’ room works great when trying to achieve a nice, thick border.

    Liquid Foil

    • When ordering Liquid Foil Business Cards, you must include your Liquid Foil masks along with your Print/CMYK files.
    • Your desired Foil Color is determined by your print files. For example, if you want green foil, green ink/color must be present in your print files.
    • Make sure the mask and CMYK print file are aligned and match up properly.
    • Liquid Foil works best on lighter colors. The darker the CMYK color, the less the Liquid Foil look.
    • Do not use very thin or small text and artwork with Liquid Foil. Use san serif fonts above 12 point for best results.
    • The best results for a silver foil look, we recommend that you make sure you have at least 15% K in the print area.
    • White in the CMYK file that is 100% K in the Liquid Foil file will appear as a plain silver.

    Beware of Edge Cracking

    Edge cracking is common on business cards when the card has a high value of ink such as dark colors. This typically happens because of the finish used as well as the colors used in the document. This is NOT caused by a dull blade. To avoid this problem, we advise that you use lighter colors! Another alternative is proceeding with a Silk Laminated Business Card. We will not reprint any order that contains edge cracking as this is a natural process when using a Finish versus a Laminate.

    How to Order Templates

    1. Select your order quantity

    2. Upload your logo in editable vector format and write out what text you would like us to include on the card. Please note that changes such as font and text placement cannot be made to our templates. If you would like design customization, please order our exclusive design services

    3. Pay for your order at the checkout

    4. Our designer will contact you with a proof for your approval within 1-2 business days

    5. Sign and approve your proof

    6. Production begins here at VIP Image